Start igr :

Open a xterm window on your workstation.
Start the ISDAT time manager with: ctm
The ctm window as shown below appears.
Then press Clients->general->igr in this window.
Then the igr window appears.

Plotting your first data :

Select project, member and instrument from the Inst pulldown menu in the igr client.

Then select sensor , signal , channel and parameter from the Param pulldown menu in the igr client.
Then position the mouse cursor in the middle of panel 0 and press the right mouse button,
or press the Update in the ISDAT time manager ctm. Param
Now you ought to have a some data plotted in your window.

You should now be able to change the time in the ISDAT ctm time manger.
The mouse cursor must (usually) be inside the line you are writing.
Then after changing the time, press the Update button in ctm .

The igr client might start with a plot in the window.
The reason for this is: If a file init.igr exists in your $HOME directory,
igr reads the previous configuration from this file.

More on starting igr

Your environment variable ISDAT_DATABASE must refer to a running ISDAT data base handler dbh.
Then if you have /dir/dir../isdat_root/bin in your PATH you can start the ctm time manager.
Then when the ctm is running you should be able to run the igr client.

Updated Aug 27, 2009 by Bjørn Lybekk