The nowhi operator

The nowhi operator works only on Cluster EFW data.

When the WHISPER instrument is transmitting the potential difference between the Cluster spacecraft and the EFW probe might increase as much as 10 Volt.

If the user wants to remove the EFW data when WHISPER is transmitting the nowhi operator can be used.

p0y = nowhi(q0,q4)
The first argument (q0) is Cluster X efw E p* , X = 1,2,3,4 , * denotes anything
and the second argument (q4) is Cluster X efw st whisper_transmit , X same as above.

This figure contains the same data as the figure above. However, now some of the data are removed.
In this case the maximum time gap in the Plot Control Dialog is useful. A maximum time gap of 2.0 (seconds) is used in this example.

Updated August 16, 2006 by Bjørn Lybekk