Sonar4 and Sonar5-Pro post processing tools




Suited for Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Mobile surveys and Fixed locations, Vertical, and Horizontal beaming, Range 2000m. Can do Behavior studies, Biomass estimation, Tracking, Data insight, Classification, Statistics, Maps, Pictures, Cross-filter, Single echo, Bottom and water current detection, Fish sizing, Oscilloscopes, 3D-Amp and phase diagrams, Ray tracing, Transducer position prediction etc. Patented methods push the noise levels.








Latest news:

·         Ready: RGB-echograms and classification maps, Flat bottom echograms, Upside down echograms, Macrophyte analysis

What is it

SonarX is a scientific echo sounder post processing tool working with single and split beam echo sounders. It is the result of more than 13 years research and development. SonarX consist of two different systems.


Sonar4             Abundance estimation tool

Sonar5-Pro      Advanced biomass, tracking, macrophyte, target classification, multi frequency analysis, multi beam tool


Easy to use, fast and accurate

The system has been designed by scientists working with echo sounders. Scientists around the world have contributed with a vast number of methods and ideas. This has led to a system that really does the job in an easy, fast and accurate way. 




Running EY500 with large hard disks

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License driver




Oceans                              lakes                              large rivers                       small creeks and ponds         


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License driver installation and de installation

Rockey Licence key’s do not need any driver while Sentinel do.Sentinel licence driver is normally installed from the SonarX CD. The driver serves as a bridge between the hardware license key and the SonarX software.  Emai us to get the licence driver kit.  

Alternative driver install and clean up program can also be downloaded from Perico’s web Click her to go there

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