Emel Algin

Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Turkey

Heat capacities of 56Fe and 57Fe

Yoram Alhassid

Yale University, USA

Shell model Monte Carlo approach to level densities: from medium-mass to heavy deformed nuclei

Frantisek Beckvar

Charles University, Prague, Czech Rep.

The method of two-step gamma cascades as a tool for studying photon strength functions of intermediate-weight and heavy nuclei

Lee Bernstein


Nuclear physics in the continuum: surrogate reactions and nuclear physics using the national ignition facility

Franco Camera

INFN and University of Milano, Italy

The giant dipole resonance, new measurements

Philippe Chomaz

Ganil, France

Phase transitions in nuclei and compact stars

Thomas Døssing

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Landscapes and fluctuations of two-dimensional rotational spectra

Till von Egidy

München University of Technology, Germany

Systematics of level density parameters

Stefan G. Frauendorf

University of Notre Dame, USA

Emergence of phase transitions with size

Steve Grimes

Ohio University, USA

Nuclear level densities

Magne Guttormsen

University of Oslo, Norway

Challenges on phase transitions and gamma-strength functions

Sotirios Harrisopulos

Demokritos, Athens, Greece

Nuclear physics aspects of p-process nucleosynthesis

Kris Van Houcke

Ghent University, Belgium

Microscopic calculation of symmetry projected nuclear level densities

Kazunari Kaneko

Kyushu Sangyo University, Japan

Particle-number conservation for pairing transition in finite systems

Milan Krticka

Charles University, Prague, Czech Rep.


Is there an enhancement of photon strength at low gamma-ray energies in Mo isotopes

Neutron capture measurements with DANCE

Ann-Cecilie Larsen

University of Oslo, Norway

Experimental level densities and gamma-ray strength functions in the f7/2 nuclei 44,45Sc and 50,51V

Araceli Lopez-Martens


Strength distribution in the decay-out of SD bands

Adam Maj

IFJ, PAN Krakow, Poland

Properties of hot nuclei at extreme angular momenta

Katarzyna Mazurek

IFJ, PAN Krakow, Poland

Theoretical predictions of effective GDR width at high spins from the thermal shape fluctuation model

Markus Norrby

Åbo Akademi, Finland

Structures in the Continuum of Light Nuclei

Hilde Therese Nyhus

University of Oslo, Norway

The 3 MeV pygmy resonance in 163,164Dy

Robert Pezer

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Microcanonical level densities of non-magic nuclei

Krzysztof Pomorski

University M.C.S., Lublin, Poland

Masses and fission barriers of atomic nuclei

Achim Richter

Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany

Giant resonances, fine structure, wavelets and spin- and parity-resolved level densities

Andreas Schiller


Continuous spectroscopy for nuclear structure and astrophysics: from stable to exotic nuclei

Naeem Ul Hasan Syed

University of Oslo, Norway

Level densities in closed shell nuclei

Vladimir Zelevinsky


Superradiance effects, collectivity and chaos in the continuum

Sven Åberg

Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden

Quantum fluctuations of pairing in finite systems